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I'm getting my balcony ready for summer

Now that our home has a fresh new look, we get to work on the balcony or terrace. First of all, we clear away everything that is easy to move. At the same time, we sort out everything that is no longer so nice, such as old pots or outdated decorations.

If necessary, freshen up the remaining pots with new soil. Clean the barbecue and thoroughly clean the floor. This is best done with a high-pressure cleaner. If you don't have one, conventional cleaning agents will also do.

Now comes the nicer part - planting!

Maybe make a plan beforehand to try out something new. Other plants, other colors? Or perhaps “ as before ”?

Now it's just a matter of bringing the balcony furniture out of hibernation, putting up the parasol and enjoying our little green oasis!

Balkon Möbel aufzustellen, Oase geniessen

Let's just hope that the weather gods play along soon...

Have fun beautifying your balcony. And if you need help sorting it out, I'll be happy to help you!

Yours sincerely,


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