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Spring cleaning - off to the bathroom

After the spring cleaning in the kitchen, it's off to the spring cleaning in the bathroom. Here, too, everything needs to be taken out and sorted.

Clean tips for spring cleaning in the bathroom

Pharmacy cabinet:

Starting with the pharmacy cupboard. Check the dates and take out expired medication and prepare it for disposal at the pharmacy. Sort medication by illness and put it back in the boxes provided.

Sorted out pharmacy cabinet after spring cleaning in the bathromm


Check samples by expiry date and only keep those that you will use in the near future. Put all the samples together in a box. In any case, it's good to work with boxes in the bathroom. It makes everything look tidier and if you also label the boxes, it's much easier to find everything.

And the next time you're offered samples at the chemist's, say no thank you. That way you'll have less clutter in your bathroom.

Sorted out samples after spring cleaning in the bathromm

Take out the remaining items, such as toiletries, toilet paper, shower and body lotion supplies, etc., so that all the shelves can be cleaned and then put them back in again in groups.

Now clean the tiles thoroughly so that everything shines again. All-purpose cleaners and glass cleaners remove simple dirt from the tiles. After cleaning, it is important to dry with a microfibre cloth. Use vinegar to remove water splashes. And to make the tiles shine again, work with ammonia.

Thoroughly cleaned tiles after spring cleaning in the bathroom

Have fun with your spring cleaning and decluttering in the bathroom. Next up is the spring cleaning in the bedroom.

And if you need help sorting things out, I'd be happy to help you!

Yours sincerely,


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