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Spring cleaning - off to the kitchen

Like every spring, it's time for the big spring clean. But where do I start? Take small steps so that you don't lose patience straight away. Start with the kitchen.

You can take 1-2 days to do it, as it's quite a lot. Maybe your family will help you with it, then it will be much more fun.

How to do spring cleaning in the kitchen

Start with the larder.


Take out all the supplies and sort out the expired items. Sort the food into groups. Then wipe down all the drawers and shelves and put the supplies back in, logically organised.

Sorted out supplies after spring cleaning in the kitchen


Then it's off to the fridge. Take out all the food and wash the shelves. Again, sort out the expired food and then sort the remaining items into groups. Put the food back in the fridge.

Make sure that drinks, butter, jam and open jars belong at the top and in the door. Dairy products and perishable foods such as meat and sausages should go in the centre. The fruit and vegetable compartment is reserved for

salads, fruit and vegetables.

Crockery cupboard:

Next, turn your attention to the crockery cupboard. Here, too, all the contents need to be taken out. This is a good opportunity to clear out and see what you no longer need.

Be generous with clearing out and only keep what you really need. You can take the things you have sorted out to a second-hand shop and someone else will be happy to receive them. Clean the shelves well and put the crockery away again after groups.

Sorted out crockery cupboard after spring cleaning in the kitchen

Spice drawer:

Now let's turn our attention to the spice drawer. Take out all the spices and check the expiry date. Write down the spices you have sorted out so that you can buy more. Then sort them alphabetically or by group. Of course, clean the shelves or drawer well here too.

Sorted out spice drawer after spring cleaning in the kitchen

Pan drawer:

Then it's off to the pan drawer. Here too, take everything out, sort it out, clean the drawer and put everything back in again.

Tupperware drawer:

And you probably have a Tupperware drawer or compartment too. Sort out generously and put away any items you no longer use for the Brockenhaus.

You can do the same with the rest of your drawers. It's important to always take everything out so that you have an overview of everything you own. This is the only way to get rid of certain things and keep things organised. Because spring cleaning without getting rid of things isn't really spring cleaning.

Have fun spring-cleaning and decluttering in the kitchen. Next up is spring-cleaning the bathroom and then the bedroom.

And if you need help sorting things out, I'd be happy to help you!

Yours sincerely,


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