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what do I offer you?

Support for a better quality of life

As the saying goes? Tidiness is half the battle. 

You can simplify your everyday life with a little organisation and structure. You may need some help at the beginning. But once you have a system and stick to it, you'll never have to look for anything again. And tidiness can be fun, I can guarantee you that. 

No more searching for your keys, the children's gloves, the guarantee for your headphones, the holiday photos or the business cards from that great shoe shop. You'll see how liberating it is when every item has its place. And you always know exactly where you've put it. 


Get rid of your ballast, because less is more.

Storage in the kitchen. Home organization idea. .jpg
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Organisational coaching for more tidiness and less stress

I help you to create more order and thus find more inner peace. What does your personalised coaching involve?

  • Tidying up

  • Sorting

  • Decluttering

  • Tidying up 

  • Redecorate

  • Disposal

  • and more...

Arrange a non-binding viewing appointment. Show me the rooms you would like to change and I will make you a suggestion as to what we can change for the better and in what time frame.

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