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Clearing out the cellar

Today it's time to clearing out the cellar. There's always a lot to stow away and that's why clearing out the basement is the be-all and end-all.

What do we need for this? Empty boxes and boxes to sort and store things in groups. And pens to write on the boxes so that you can find the items again. Depending on the size of the cellar, it's a good idea to make an inventory so that you know what you have stored. From now on, you can write this down when you move the boxes in and out.

Leerschachteln und Boxen helfen dir dabei, deine Sachen in Gruppen zu sortieren und aufzubewahren.

Clearing out: The be-all and end-all of tidying up the cellar

Here we go. Let's start with the food supplies if you store them in the cellar. Anything that isn't in jars or tins needs to go in a box so that mice can't gnaw on it. Check which food has expired or will expire soon. Put these to one side. Then put the remaining food in the boxes provided. Make sure that the same things go together, e.g. all pasta, sweets or flour/sugar, etc.

Now for the wine stock. Divide into red, white and sparkling wines. If not available, buy wine racks so that you can store the individual bottles. You can leave large stocks in the boxes.

Then come the household supplies, such as cleaning or shower items. Work with boxes here too. Store the items in groups, label the box and put it back on the shelf.

Die Boxen anzuschreiben hilft dir dabei, die Sachen schnell wieder zu finden.

Decorative items, such as Christmas and Easter, packed in boxes. This is best sorted out after Christmas or Easter so that you are ready for the next season. This means putting boxes on the shelf now and labelling boxes if you haven't already done so.

Tools should be packed in toolboxes. Sort out what you have twice beforehand.

Place sewing machine and fabric remnants next to each other on the shelf.

Then you will certainly have bags, backpacks and suitcases in the cellar. Arrange them neatly, sort them out if necessary and put them back on the shelf.

Now for the clothes in the moth cupboards. Once again, you need to clear out everything and sort out items you no longer need for the second-hand shop. Only keep the items that you really need. Everything else can go. Then put the clothes away again.

Beim Entrümpeln mit Boxen arbeiten für eine bessere Übersicht

Everyone has different amounts stored in their cellar. In this blog, I have perhaps only touched on some of it. It's simply a matter of working through group by group. Take everything out of each group, sort it out and put it back in again. As I said, it's best to work with boxes for a better overview.

Have fun clearing out the cellar. By the way, have you thought about spring-cleaning your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in advance?

And if you need help sorting things out, I'd be happy to help you!

Yours sincerely,


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